Introducing Evan

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope.  It is my pleasure to introduce to you our guest Evan.  Evan was another one of those who you instantly fell in love with.   What a awesome young man.    Evan can’t move at all!   No movement in his arms, hands, legs or feet. He can move his head a little and he is on a ventilator!  Most of us would be feeling sorry for ourselves but not Evan!   He loves watching wrestling and riding on the RTV.  He loves fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, pizza, hot dogs and he even loved deer burgers!  We made sure he had his favorite chocolate chip cookies, brownies, popcorn and cotton candy and even cotton candy ice cream.  Evan loved helping Ms Debbie with his paver.  I think it is beautiful !  Evan wanted to stay an extra couple of days so if we can make it happen at CNH we do our best!   All his wishes were fulfilled!   Thank you Evan for helping us realize how blessed we are.  You inspire us to be better people.

Thank you to Will and Mark Adkins who without them we couldn’t help make these precious children wishes come true.  They help remind me that the world is still full of giving and caring people.

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For the children,

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  1. Myra Trull says:

    Such an amazing young man ! What a inspiration !

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