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Camp New Hope
P.O. Box 154
Glendale Springs, NC 28629


(336) 982-3797

Camp New Hope application and information sheet


From I-40 in Winston-Salem, NC via NC Hwy.16From I-40 exit onto US 158 West / US 421 North and continue for 57.8 miles….
Turn right at NC Hwy. 16 and continue for 18.8 miles….
Turn left at Trading Post Rd. and continue for 223 feet…
Turn right at stop sign J W Luke Rd. and continue for 423 feet…
Turn left at Glendale School Rd. and continue for 1.3 miles….
Turn right onto West Reno Rd. and continue for .3 miles….

From I-77 in Charlotte, NC via NC Hwy. 16Take I-77 North / US 21 North towards Statesville for 62.6 miles….
continue to follow I-77 North
Take exit 73B to merge onto US 421 North for 25 miles….toward Wilkesboro
Turn right at NC Hwy. 16 and continue for 18.8 miles….
Turn left at Trading Post Rd. and continue for 223 feet…
Turn right at stop sign J W Luke Rd. and continue for 423 feet…
Turn left at Glendale School Rd. and continue for 1.3 miles….
Turn right onto West Reno Rd. and continue for .3 miles….
Turn right at Philmore Miller Rd. / Camp New Hope gate…Lodge is .7 miles from gate

From US 421 in Boone, NCTake US 421 South / East King St. and continue for 9.9 miles….
Turn left at US 221 North and continue for 2.7 miles….
Turn right at Idlewild Rd. and continue for 7.2 miles…
Turn right at NC Hwy. 163 South and continue for .4 miles….
Take third left onto Bare Rd. and continue for 1.9 miles…
Turn left onto West Reno Rd. and continue for 1.6 miles…
Turn right at Philmore Miller Rd. / Camp New Hope gate…Lodge is .7 miles from gate


  1. Giovonnia says:

    Hey Randy, Just looking over the new website. Nice. Clean and sleek. Looking forward to seeing you. g

  2. Giovonnia says:

    Suggestion. How about making a Memorial Page for the children that are resting in Jesus’ arms? Or have I missed it?

  3. Randy Brown says:

    Hope you recieved my email reply. I am trying to get used to the new website so i may miss some emails.

  4. Beth Horne says:

    Thank to each of you for a beautiful weekend. We enjoyed visiting again and we were Bless with the engagement happening up there at the cross. I am thankful to God for the new addition to our family (Dameon, Courtney and all the Parker family.), for Meredith finally being able to go (now she know why we feel about CNH, like we do.) We enjoyed the meal Saturday nite and the fellowship. Dave and Steve might want to redo the Shim Tree ( they are to expert in that field.). Tell Nancy, we are so glad she joined us and to love that perish dog. Mona and Morrison enjoyed meaning Bo and Nash (they slept almost all the way home.). Beautiful animals of God. Ezra, great to meet you. Hope Dave does not get you stuck anymore.
    Randy, you will have to send me to recipe for the stew and cobbler.

    Randy, Steve, Dave, Ezra, Will, Mark and any others for what you do for CNH and the love you show to everyone. God’s Blessings to each of you.

  5. Kelli chamberlin says:

    Just read about your beautiful camp. Would love to one day have the privilege to visit. My 4 year old, Clark, has cp, 2 vp shunts, seizures, and most recently as of last month a g tube. He cannot walk, although has a walker and is practicing. He is nonverbal, but sure has a lot to say. Clark has a twin brother, sawyer, who loves him very much. We are writing actually writing you from Miami childrens hospital, hopefully to go home today or tomorrow.
    Kelli chamberlin

  6. susan easley says:


  7. Randy Brown says:

    July 28-August 2 Hope everyone is well.

  8. Gina says:

    Just checking to see if you might be interested in a Coke machine out there at the camp this year. 828-297-2141 x224

  9. Jennifer adamy says:

    What you do is amazing! I have to say that seeing that families come from all over is amazing! What you do for the kids is just absolutely stunning!

  10. Adelta Comer says:

    I came up with Joyce this past weekend, and had a wonderful, although very short trip. I am truly amazed and very impressed at what you do. You will be hearing from me again, maybe in a volunteer basis. It was so nice to meet you and stay overnight in your precious cabin. Adelta

  11. Randy Brown says:


    So glad to have you. Sorry i did not get to spend more time with you. Sign up for our emails on the main page. You are welcomed here at CNH anytime.

    Thanks again for enjoying a little bit of our own Heaven.


  12. Gina says:

    I was wondering if you have given any more thought to adding a Coca-Cola drink machine on the property?

  13. Randy Brown says:

    Actually we have given it a lot of thought and the parents input was they were concerned that the children may be tempted to much to drink soft drinks instead of water.

    Thank you for thinking of us.


  14. Jim Jones says:

    Hey Randy, I have never heard of your camp before. I live in Tennessee, and was in the area doing my work as an insurance inspector on a nearby property. I saw the Camp New Hope sign, and was intrigued. I saw the beautiful setting by the river, and when I went home, I looked up this website to learn about it. You guys are definitely doing The Lords work. God Bless you. Jim Jones, Bristol, TN

  15. Staci saxfield says:

    I would like to bring my handicap son here u sent me the paper work but I need it again for the dr I lost the paper

  16. Good afternoon,

    I keep seeing your posts on face book and would like to know what diagnoses are considered for campers and their families.

    We have a 13-year-old that was born 3 months preemie and later on genetics testing found some missing and inverted codes. Very long story … 🙂

    Would also like to know about volunteering.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Rhodes

  17. Kathy Smoot says:

    would like application form … have two special needs kids (one in wheelchair)….. the camp there sounds like a little bit of heaven on earth!!!

  18. Peggy says:

    Please keep fighting the asphalt plant–they are horrible. Our former neighborhood in Raleigh, NC did not organize quickly enough and we were stuck with one and the endless phone calls to EPA regarding the air quality. Not only is the smell sickening on processing days but the terrible odors from all of the diesel trucks lined up is even worse.

    The air is constantly polluted and would be detrimental to the children that visit your camp. Please let us know where to send a donation for your legal aid to fight this and would it help if we speak before the Town?

  19. Tommy Wilson says:


    I wanted to thank you for your help and hospitality. I know the gang had a great time at camp. You and Holly went above and beyond with all that you did. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you could use my help with the new lodge. I am eternally grateful.

    Thanks again. Tommy.

  20. Anthony Winn says:

    Randy, The camp looks outstanding, and wanted you to know that I have a great respect for you in all that you do to make this world a better place to live in. When ever I fill myself feeling slightly uncomfortable in the way that things are going I think of the Camp, you and the wonderful things that take place there for those kids. If there was a award for generosity, with devotion and integrity, hands down your the winner. We all love you and in hopes to see you real soon. God speed. Anthony Winn in the house of Browns.

  21. Debbie Rhodes says:

    Good morning!

    Is there an email that I could attach the application form to send?

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Debbie Rhodes

  22. Tina Phipps says:

    My family and I are interested in volunteering at Camp New Hope. What volunteering opportunities are available? Thanks so much.

  23. Eloise Register says:

    Dear Randy, I along with the rest of the NC Farm Bureau Women’s Committee want to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit with you. What an awesome inspiring ministry. Thank you for all you do.

    Would love to receive your updates.

    Thank you,
    Eloise Register

  24. Liz Cox says:

    I represent a client that has an account at Schwab Charitable that wants to name Camp New Hope as its beneficiary. Do you have a tax id# that I can use to complete the beneficiary form for them?

    I appreciate your assistance!

    Liz Cox
    Client Management Consultant

  25. Stacy Hudson says:

    Do you have a building named after my sister Ashley Delaine Hudson who was a summer camp counselor there in 1993? She died and we had a memorial fund sent to the NC Autism Society and apparently a building was named after her as a memorial to her work with the children at Camp New Hope. If so, please send me a photo of this building, as I am her sister.


    Stacy Hudson

  26. Vogan THOMPSON says:


    Who can I send a resume to for the camp? We are looking to move to the area and your camp looks great. Thank you

  27. Debbie says:

    Need clean up help from the storm? When should I be there and what should I bring?

  28. Adel Forsythe says:

    Hi, I would like to submit the application form, but do now see an email address to send it to. Do you prefer mail?

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