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Greetings from a very cold and blustery Camp New Hope.  What do you do when it is 2:30 am on February 1st   and you can’t sleep?  You get yourself out of bed and do something productive and hope that tomorrow night will be a better night.  As we begin our 13th season I am reminded daily that God is in control and sometimes HE just wants us to step back and hand things over to HIM and let HIM do what HE is best at, which is taking care of us.  I am so blessed to be able to do what I do.  I live in a beautiful place and I am reminded each morning when I awake that the very presence of God surrounds this camp.

This winter has been trying to say the least.  We always do repairs on our buildings and equipment during January and February but this year no matter how hard we tried one of our buildings pipes froze 18 inches underground.  We made due by getting water for the chickens out of the frozen creek.  The 4 dogs have all been inside by the fire and the 4 cats have kept warm under the house.  We will welcome spring!

Our calendar is filling up fast and we are praying that every child stays healthy.  Our children here are so fragile that a cold for them can be life threatening.  We are so excited about meeting new families and reuniting with those we already know.  I would like for you to pray for these children and for all of our volunteers.  Martie’s son John was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, he is only 21 and is undergoing chemo and just this week they had to go back in and do more surgery and while he was there his father Randall had a heart attack and is having bypass surgery this Friday.  Benny who does work on our vehicles was just diagnosed with Leukemia and has started chemo, Sandra who does Horse Hugs is getting ready to have surgery on her knee, Martin’s wife has the flu and  Debbie who is my right hand volunteer has a dog Mia who is struggling  with seizures and he is having a really tuff time right now which is breaking her heart.  We all go through things that we have no control over but we know that God watches over all of us and we turn all of these over to HIM.

On a lighter note, we will beginning our annual work on the grounds as soon as everything thaws out.  We are doing what inside repairs that need to be done during this cold spell.  Ernie is building a new train for the children to ride!  Noah and Zach’s Sweet Shack has been added to the list of things to do.  Free ice cream for the kids, they are going to love that.  Free movies at the Parkway Theater and free pizza from Village Inn are still things for us to look forward to as well as a visit from Horse Hugs, Martin Little singing, Park Rangers presentation and a visit from the jolly old man himself, Santa and Ms. Clause! You can count on Debbie to be here for art and we have some surprises we are working on also.  Jerry, Jim and Billy we be here to help out when they can.  Anyone else wishing to help out just give me a call and I am sure we can find something for you or your group to do.

Thank you to all of you who pray for us, support us financially and volunteer.  I can not end without thanking the owners of the camp Will and Mark Adkins who without their help, financial support and encouragement this camp would not be possible.  Thank you God for blessing them in their endeavors so that they might continue to bless these children by providing this camp.  God bless you all and visit us when you can.  God bless the children of Camp New Hope!

For the Children,

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