Spring Update!

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Greetings from a very wet Camp New Hope!
We are walking around in our rubber boots here.  We are in the process of deciding if we need to build an ark!  So we are still growing our family of animals,  4 cats, Rufus, Ebony and twins Bonnie and Clyde, 4 dogs, Nash, Buckley, Yogi and Barney, 24 chickens we have only named one chicken, Miss Bea she is really heavy and the rooster is Sir Eggbert the second, 2 donkeys, Mutt and Jeff, 2 parakeets, Mork and Mindy, 2 pigmy goats, Tom and Jerry and now a rabbit who we will name Pebbles and we will soon have a Bam Bam!  We want all of our furry friends to have a buddy!  I just love them all!

The children that have been here thus far are braving the rain.  Such good sports!  If they cant play outside there is plenty of room inside for them to play!  Thank you to all those who have helped with the 3 flood clean ups!  Looks like we may have another one if it doesn’t quit raining!  Keep your fingers crossed.  Even with the floods we are so grateful that we are not having any other issues except the river front.  We did have a family to tub down the river last week and this week.  Boy the water is still too cold for this old woman!

I can never close without thanking all those who make this ministry possible.  Thanks to all the volunteers, those who financially support us and those who continue to remember us in your prayers and of course Will and Mark Adkins who without them this camp would not be possible.  God bless each and everyone of you!  Please continue to remember the children and families of Camp New Hope in your prayers.   Give us a call if you or your groups would like to visit or volunteer!  There is ALWAYS something to be done!

For the children,

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