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Looking Back on 2018

What a beautiful place we live! When I look back on 2018 there are so many things I am thankful for. First I would like to thank God because for the first time in years we did not loose a child to the terrible illness that cripples their bodies! I am also grateful for those who volunteer every week. We survived 6 floods with just debris and downed trees (which we are still chipping away at!) We had a successful fund raiser and are anxiously awaiting the custom made handicapped golf cart which is scheduled to be delivered in January.

We are so excited about our 2019 season! New friends and returning friends keep our attitudes in check. Please continue to pray for the children and families of Camp New Hope! Pray for those who are dealing with health issues! Pray for our big boy Buckley who has just been diagnosed with cancer and whose prognosis is not good! He loves the children and they love him! Pray for me that I will stay focused as to what God’s will is for this camp! Pray that we will be a blessing to these precious children and their families ❤️. Pray for guidance for everyone who volunteers so that we may continue to be a blessing to others. Pray that we will continue to realize that this ministry is not about us, never has been and never will be! Pray that we will stay humble and never forget we are only a small speck in this beautiful plan he has before us.

Thank you God for the support and encouragement of The Adkins brothers who without them this camp would not be possible!

Happy 2019!!!!! May you feel a closeness to God that you have never felt before! We love you ❤️❤️❤️

For the children,

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