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There is a reason for this post. I am about to share with you how God works in mysterious ways! I have experienced so many miracles here and I am about to share another one with you. Most of you know Martin who comes to the camp every week to serenade our families. We have been working on a new website for a while now.

A few months back I had shared with someone helping with the website I would love a song on the website that families could relate to, a song that we could use for background music for most of our videos. I said I will ask Martin on Monday when he is at the camp if he could work on that. Monday came, Martin sang and I had forgotten to ask him about the song. Just a minute later, Martin came back inside with his guitar in hand and said, Randy I have something I want to share with you. When he started opening up his guitar case I KNEW what he was going to say. So as usual the tears began and I said Martin please continue but I know what you are about to share. He then explained he is not a song writer but the other day out of nowhere he felt like God wanted him to write down these words and it just so happened to be to ( my favorite song) Hallelujah. Click here to view video.

He begin to sing the most beautiful words I had ever heard. When he finished I said Martin, I was suppose to ask you about writing a song for our website. God knew I was going to ask and he also knew I was going to forget to ask so he laid those words on your heart. Martin those are words directly from Gods heart to your mouth. Needless to say both of us agreed. Miracles happen everyday. Enjoy Martin singing Gods words about Will and Mark Adkins who are the owners of the camp and the families that we are honored to serve. God bless!

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