Meet Sadie who was at the camp with 15 family members!  What a sweetheart!  We were able to celebrate Sadie’s birthday while she was here.  Such a DIVA!!!!  Sadie isn’t able to talk or walk but she sure will let you know when she likes or dislikes something!  She loved painting with Ms. Debbie.  Sadie loves being made over and just smiles when you call her princess!  What a fun time we had when we all got together.  The bigger the family the better I always say.

Thank you to all of you who volunteer and help make this camp possible.  A HUGE shout out to Will and Mark Adkins, owners of the camp, they are the ones who really make this camp possible.  Please join in with me to say “thank you” to these guys and wish them a Happy Birthday this month. What awesome guys they are.

Please continue to pray for these precious children and their families. Visit us when you can!