Please let me introduce to you Ilona! What a precious little girl. She came to us with her Mom, Dad, big brother Gavin and 2 grandmothers and her grandfather. Even though she only has one leg she loved doing everything big brother did. She loved painting with Debbie and also loved the RTV rides and the train ride with Ernies. She even got a kiss from Sid from Horse Hugs and loved Martin singing. What a great family!

Please remember these families as well as all our families who visit Camp New Hope! I can not begin to explain to you what a great feeling it is to see the smiles on these families faces. Everyone loves the changes we made to Macklinley’s Playhouse/Lodge! God has blessed us so much my heart is full as my cup runneth over!

I can never thank you all enough for your prayers and financial support as well as your help with the grounds here at the camp. We all are a family and you are a vital part of it. May God bless you all is my earnest prayer.

Visit us when you can!

For the Children,