Greetings from a cool Camp New Hope!

Frost on the pumpkin this morning!  Our leaves are trying to turn but they are slow getting there.  We would like for you to meet Evan!  Such a sweet young man!  Evan may not be able to move around but he loves watching wrestling! I think it may be he can live his life in movement watching those men wrestle.  He has that Mona Lisa smile, or is it a grin?  Anyway which ever it is we all have fallen in love with him.  Martin Little sums it up when he says he is just the bravest and most inspirational young man he has ever met.  They hit it off when they met.  What can I say other than Evan is just a super young man.

It has really been busy here and the excitement that each family brings to the camp is just amazing!  Things will be slowing down soon because the weather is getting colder and it is difficult for some of our kids to adjust their body temperature to keep warm but we have families scheduled through the holidays.

Help us wish a Happy Birthday on Wednesday the 25th to Will and Mark Adkins who are the owners of the camp.  Some of the nicest men you will ever meet.  They always are so supportive of the camp and without them the camp would not be possible.

Thank you to  those who support us financially and for those of you who pray for us.  Thank you to our volunteers who are just awesome.

May God bless each and everyone of you.

Please remember John Latham as he continues to battle bone cancer.  John is the son of one of our faithful volunteers Martie and is only 21.  He is a volunteer fireman and on Saturday October the 28 we will be joining Fleetwood Fire Dept with a Fund Raiser for John.  If you are in the area please come out and join us.  For more details check out our facebook page.