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What super young men and a super family.  These special parents have opened their hearts and home to Brayden, Quin and Aleks, all who have special needs.  The thing they needed most was love and they sure are receiving that with these parents.  I stand back week after week and I am amazed how God places the right parents with the right children.  Since this family visited the camp a few weeks ago, I have asked myself the question, “what if?”.  What if they had not been sensitive to their calling,  what would these little boys lives be like today.  What if I had never answered the add in the Observer 12 years ago for a Nanny position?  Where would I be now.  I am so sure that I am where God wants me to be and I cant imagine my life without all the children and families I meet.  What if Will and Mark Adkins had not obeyed God and his calling to have a Camp New Hope?  What if their grandfather hadn’t loaned them the money to purchase their first piece of land.  What if none of this had happened, what would some of our families lives be like.  There would have been plenty of memories but none of the precious memories made here at the camp.  As I ask myself of so many of the “what if’s” in my life I am thankful of the choices I have made.  Good or bad, happy or sad, they have made me a more compassionate person.  I challenge each of you to ask yourself “what if”.  It will blow your mind when you think about it.

December is always a month we can reflect on “what if’s”.  What if we had been one second earlier before the accident in front of us happened.  What if God didn’t love us enough to send His only Son to die for us.  Boy that is scary! What if we didn’t have financial supporters of the camp? What is we didn’t have those who pray for the camp daily?

Thank you God for the “what if’s” in our life that didn’t happen.  Thankful just isn’t sufficient for the way we feel. God bless all of you this Season.  May God continue to direct our lives and may we all think of the “what if’s” before we make decisions in our lives.  I look forward to all God has planned for this camp in the future and all the families and children we will meet.

For the Children,