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Greetings from a very busy Camp New Hope! Here is a summary of how our first full month has gone.  Well in the last 6 weeks we have survived 3 floods and clean ups!  We have also been visited by Crystal Norris and her Jeep group of friends who brought us lots of items we can use for the families!  Also, Caitlin was here with us and as always we enjoyed her and her family.  She loves Camp New Hope!  Some of you have asked how the Camp New Hope Chickens have been doing?  Well, take a look in the attached pictures!  We get 14-18 eggs daily and they are all brown and all large eggs but you will see one day we had a SUPER JUMBO egg!  We sometimes get double yolks but never one this big!  Ouch!!!! poor baby!  Boy the families love the fresh eggs!  We also had the Ashe Rescue and Emergency crew here for a day of training!  Now that was something to watch!  Also, the Sheriff brought some of his guys out to help clean up on the second flood.  Thanks to them everything got cleaned up in one day!  Jack- Jack came to visit for a week with his family.  What a doll baby!  His sister loved Nash!  Martin and Marty made their regular Monday night visits and everyone loves Martin singing and all the children love to hear Marty read them Cuddle Bear!  They are both such naturals!  Rebecca is our miracle baby!  With less than a 10 percent chance to live by the physicians she is once again prof that only the “Great Physician” know when our time on earth is complete!  Her Mom and Dad and four brothers tubed down the river!  Wow!  The water is still COLD!  The entire family got a visit from Horse Hugs and they loved it!  Everyone has enjoyed all the activities and they have especially enjoyed painting with Debbie rainy and sunny days!  All the families have been awesome!We are waiting on our new sign “Mackinley’s Playhouse/Lodge” sign.  I think it is going to be beautiful!

Please pray for us beginning this week we will have 6 families per month.  The Playhouse/Lodge is full and we have 2 families a month also staying in the cottage.  I just want everything to be perfect for everyone coming.  Pray that they will receive the peace that only God can gaive and pray that they will be able to feel the genuine love we feel for them.  Pray for those who volunteer, from those who help mow and help with the grounds to those who bake goodies for the family and for those who come help with activities.  Also, pray for the owners of the camp Will and Mark Adkins, pray that God will continue to bless them as they bless us with the fruits of their labor and their continued support.

Visit us when you can!

For the children,

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