Midsummer Update

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Greetings from Camp New Hope.

What beautiful weather we have been having.  June was a really busy month with campers and their families and July is even more so.  I would like to introduce to you a few of our campers for June.  Please meet Caleb, Alastair, Gracie and Patrick and Caleb M.    What a great group of families.   Everyone loves tubing down the river even though I think it is still very cool.   I guess our number one most favorite thing is and always will be riding the RTV’s.  It is the one thing EVERYONE can do as a family.  Guess I need to be looking for one that carries 10!!!!!!  Don’t think there are too many of those out there that would fit down the trails.  There has been a lot of fishing and we have had 2 fish fry’s thus far!  Yummy!  We also made homemade peach and banana ice cream!  Thank you Jerry Murph for the peaches, tomatoes and melons.  Families are enjoying the bonfires and s’mores and everyone is just in awe of the changes we made at the Playhouse!

On a sad note,  the coyotes have gotten 8 of my hens!  I looked out my window late one afternoon and saw a coyote with a hen in his mouth.  I ran out screaming and he dropped it but not before he grabbed up another and ran into the woods.   Needless to say I was heartbroken but if I see him again he will get what is coming to him.  I know that some will say “the circle of life” but these hens provide us with eggs for the families and everyone loves the sweet chickens and they go all over the property during the daylight hours just a pecking and killing insects as they fill their tummies.  It just makes me angry to see this happen to them.  We are taking every precaution we can but we live in the mountains and coyotes are plentiful.

Thank you to our supporters for all you do.  Thanks to the ladies from First Baptist for the goodies,  to those who mow and to Perry Shaw for painting.   You all have hearts of gold and our prayer is that God will bless you for the kindness you have shown to this camp.  Please continue to pray for the camp and the families that come here. Please continue to pray for our volunteers, supporters and workers and especially our owners Will and Mark Adkins.  Pray that God will continue to prosper them so that they may continue to bless us with support.

Visit when you can!  There are ALWAYS plenty of WEEDS to pull!  Fun!!!!!

For the Children,

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