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Greetings from CNH. Just wanted to share a photo of Sean at Ernie’s.  He is such a happy child and a joy to be around.  If he sees a camera he just looks directly at it, says cheese and you just take the picture!  We are having a Birthday Party today.  Can’t wait to see his face when he sees the Dinosaur Cake.  He loves anything Dinosaur!


Greetings from Camp New Hope where we are really wet but the SUN IS SHINING!

Meet Sean our guest this week from Davidson, NC.  Sean is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder, vision impairment, dysautonamia, tics, mild cerebral palsy, developmental delay, neuralgiz, autism, apnea, periodic limb movement, migraines, dysarthria, asthma, DGE, congenital heart defect, g-tube, bronchial tracheomalacia, immune deficiency.  With all that he still manages to smile and laugh.  He is here this week with his younger brother, his nurse, his parents, his sister and 3 other teenage girls who are friends of his sister.

We have a full week scheduled and so far the weather is cooperating.  If the water calms down we will go tubing but as of this email the bridge is still underwater.

Please continue to pray for the camp and pray for this little boy and his family.

Come see us when you can!

For the children,


  1. Mary Blacker says:

    Hi Sean! I hope you and Colton are having a blast! Say “Hi” to your precious family and enjoy your week!!!
    Hunter, Mary & Courtney

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