Meet Sadie

Greetings from a very cold Camp New Hope!  Meet Sadie who was our guest last week.  I am a little behind posting but better late than never.

Sadie was here with her family and is just such a sweetheart!   Even though she cant walk or talk she will nod her head yes or no!  Sadie is just such an inspiration to us all.  Her family is her rock and she is the love of their life.  I am always so amazed at how strong these families are and how they just always do the best they can without complaining.  Their lives are living testimonies of their unconditional love.  What a precious family!

Thank you to Mars Candy Company who donated enough candy for us to fill 250 pumpkins for children in Ashe County for Halloween.  You guys always come through for us and we pray that your company will continue to prosper you because of your kindness.  Thanks to Truitt Weaver who continues to be so kind and help out with our equipment.  Thank you to Bald Mountain for your continued support.  Thank you to Mike, Penny, Mitch and Wendy for all of your help last week.  We love you all and we miss our Jonathan much like you do.  Thank you to my son Chris who got muddy and nasty but managed to repair the broken water line beneath the house.  Thank you to Marvin” our one man machine” for ALL you do.  Thank you to Jordan for being willing to learn the things that it takes to become a responsible young man.  Thank you to Bob for the use of the cottage and thanks to George, Billy and Jim for all of your help.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Thank you to Will and Mark Adkins for being the answer to so many families prayers when they need to just get away!   God bless you all!  God bless Camp New Hope and its children and families and volunteers!

For the Children,

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