Meet Ryan

Greetings from Camp New Hope!

First of all let me say “thank you” to a few people who have helped make my life a little easier these last few weeks. To the Holts for the sweet potatoes, JoAnn for the new cover for the pool table and for  all the puppy items, Paul Bunyan for the fire wood, Rayford Quarries for the gravel, Buddy Blackburn for moving rock, Glendale Springs Fire Dept for clearing our stopped up pipes, Jamie Wood Plumbing for saving my water pipe, Fred Cox for the Christmas Trees, Ray and Warren for taking care of Moe when he decides to go on his walk abouts, Jim because he knows a little about everything, Sue for advice, Debbie for picking up the slack and Steve for chopping and stacking firewood and  cleaning up pee and poop from the new puppy.  You all have done what you could to help out during this very difficult time.

Now let’s get down to introducing a very important person to you.  Ryan was our guest this past week and he comes to us from Florida. There was a big crowd here all week since his grandparents live here in Ashe County.  Thank you to our regular volunteers Martin who sang and Ryan loves music.  The Park Ranger gave a great presentation and Ryan loved the furs.  Grandpa got into the fun as you can see.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and preparing for Santa!

We will beginning our 10th season soon.  Please be in prayer for all the families and children.

Visit when you can.

For the children,

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