Meet Riley

Greetings from Camp New Hope!  We would like for you to meet Riley age 6  and our guest this week.  In one of our pictures you will see Riley enjoying the visit from the Park Ranger and in the other you will see Riley with her father on the cover of a magazine.  Riley has Rett Syndrome, she is a beautiful little girl and is loving her week with her family at  Camp New Hope.  Yesterday Riley along with her family made a trip to Ernie’s to ride the train and horses and loved feeling the pelts of the animals the Park Ranger brought.  She also enjoyed a tube ride down the river.  When Riley was selected to come to the camp we had no idea that her father serves in the US Army.  During the application process we found out this information and  wrote a letter from this end to his commanding officer requesting he could have the time off so that he could spend vacation time with his special daughter , mother and grandparents.  We were thrilled when we found out his time off had been approved.  I had not seen the picture of the cover of the magazine until this week and I just felt we had to share it with you all.   I just thought it ironic that we would be able to give this family the week before we celebrate July 4th!  Not only were we able to grant Riley’s wish in coming to Camp New Hope but this is also a way we can say “Thank You”  to her dad for serving and protecting our country.  We are so proud to have this family at the camp this week.  Riley will be receiving a special visit from Santa tomorrow as well as going to the Rubino”s  trout fishing.

Please pray for Riley and her family , please pray God will continue to protect her Daddy!

For the children,

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