Meet Rashad

Greetings from a cool but beautiful Camp New Hope!  Well we weathered the recent storm with a little flooding but nothing we cant handle.

I would like to introduce Rashad to you.  Rashad was here with his family and boy did they have a great time.  As you can tell by the pictures, Rashad loved fishing and riding the RTV’s.   Everyone loved the dogs except Grandma who just doesn’t like dogs!!!!  The camp was hopping with all the children here and they were eager to try everything we have to offer here.  They loved making smores and especially eating them!  What a lovely family!!!!!

It is beginning to get cold here and we are getting ready for the approaching winter.  Fall is beautiful here and the leaves are beginning to turn.  Thank you to everyone who helps out here.  We couldn’t do it without you.  The fire pit is completed and we are doing some landscaping around it so as soon as we are finished I will send out pictures.

Please remember these families in your prayers.  They face challenges everyday that we can not imagine.  We are so blessed to have them here.

Thank you to the Adkins brothers for providing such a beautiful place for these families to come and stay.  May God bless you as you bless these children is my prayer.  Please visit us when you can.  We have quite a few families who will be visiting in the next few weeks of children who have passed and please help me pray that their visit here will bring them peace and happy memories.

For the children,

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