Meet our guest this week Sajhia

Greetings from a bright and beautiful Camp New Hope!  The sun is shining and it feels like spring!

Please meet our guest this week Sajhia!  Sajhia has been diagnosed with Agenesis of the corpus cellosum, CP, seizure disorder, microcephaly, visual impairment, gastrostomy, hypotonia, asthma, tube fed, does not ambulate and can not talk.  She does laugh which she did while riding the train at Ernie’s today. She also loved Martin singing!  She is precious!

Please pray for her she has had 8 seizures so far today.  I was so moved when while having a seizures her father bent beside her and started praying in Jesus name that the seizure stop and it did.  Prayers answered immediately!

She is here this week with her adopted family which is another miracle story.

Please pray for all these precious children and families.  Visit when you can and thank you for your prayers and financial support.

For the children,

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