Meet Olivia


Greetings from Camp New Hope!

Meet Olivia our guest this week at Camp New Hope.  Olivia is here this week with her family.  Olivia was born 11 weeks early and has been diagnosed with Cri-Du Chat, part of her 5th chromosome is missing.  She has agenesisi of the corpus collosum as part of the syndrome.  The syndrome is related to low muscle tone.  She has a very small airway and is fed through a g-J tube. She also has bilateral cleft lip and palate and these have been repaired.  Olivia also developed ROP in both eyes and has also had cataract surgery.

Olivia is a happy little girl and we are going to have lots of fun with her this week. She has a sister Brianna also.

We are making preparations for our BIG EASTER EGG HUNT on the 19th.  We hope all will be able to attend.  Weather permitting the Easter Bunny himself will be flown in by helicopter at noon!  The event begins at 11 and  we will have activities until 2pm.

Please pray for the camp and the families that will be our guest this year.  Thank you for your continued support of the unique ministry.  Thank you to Will and Mark Adkins, owners of Camp New Hope for providing this beautiful place for these special children.

God bless you all!

For the children,


  1. Nancy Pace says:

    Dear Randy,

    Thank you so very much for all that you did to celebrate our lives with, and in honor of, Miss Olivia last April of 2014 for the entire week. Miss Olivia, Sister Brianna, Mommy Stephanie, and I (Nanny) felt so very special to have been introduced to the unforgettable Camp New Hope and being entertained by your fabulous staff, your friends, your contributors, camp sponsors, and especially you. You are truly one of God’s chosen and most talented angels! We are so blessed to have crossed paths with Camp New Hope, its history, its owners . . . and last, but not least, YOU. God Bess You Randy!

    We love you,
    Olivia, Brianna, Stephanie, and Nancy

    *We look forward to spending time with all of your friends and you June 14th – June 19th, 2015 at Camp New Hope.

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