Meet Lexine

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope where we are all getting ready for our BIG Music Fest Benefit on Saturday, Sept. 6th.  Wayne Henderson, Jeff Little and many more groups will be here.  Come on out and support the camp as we celebrate the Children of Camp New Hope.  Some of our kids will be here so you will be able to meet them.

Meet our guest this week Lexine.  Lexine has been diagnosed with Epilepsy/seizure disorder, autism and developmental delay.  She loves music, Elmo, Thomas the train, Veggie Tales and she has a beautiful smile.  She loves Pizza and Hotdogs!  She loves riding in the Kubota.  Lexine is here with her mom.  Such a sweet girl!  Love that smile!

Please remember all our children in your prayers as you remember the camp.  Visit when you can!

For the children,

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