Meet Julia and Dom

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!

You can sure tell Summer is almost here!  We would like to introduce our guest last week Julia and Dominick better known as Dom.  Julia is quite the artist and has an outgoing personality!  Dom is quite but when he wants to verbalize he sure will.  The Parkway Theater in West Jefferson allows the family to go to the movies for free and so last week we went to see Jurassic World and Dom didnt mind letting us know how much he was enjoying the movie!  He is pretty much restricted to his wheelchair but fits in no matter where he goes.  Village Inn invited us for pizza and everyone loved that!  We had the honor to celebrate the twins 16th birthday while they were here and as you can see they loved the attention.  Such a beautiful and fun loving family.  Even Grandma and Grandpa joined in.  Mom and Dad are such devoted parents and always had a smile on their faces.  Everyone loved painting with Debbie.

Thank you to everyone who helps make the families week special here at the camp.

Thank you to the Adkins brothers who without them this camp would not be possible.

God bless you all and visit when you can!

Time to go pull some weeds!!!!!!!!  Yuck, not my favorite thing to do!

For the Children,

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