Meet Jonathan

Greetings from a beautiful fall day at Camp New Hope!  What a beautiful place to live!

Meet our guest this week coming to us from Alabama is Jonathan age 11.  Jonathan has been diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder.  He does not talk or walk and is fed with a feeding tube and is on oxygen 24/7. Jonathan’s disease effects his lungs more than anything. Jonathan did respond to the animal skins he felt that Ranger Scott brought out today.  Jonathan is here with his mom and dad, sister and nephew.  Jonathan also has the treat of having his Mom and Pops (grandparents) with him coming all the way from New York.  Isn’t it great that the entire family got to be together!  Jonathan got to ride the big red wagon at Ernie’s today and he will get to experience the beautiful voice of Martin Little tomorrow and Santa on Thursday.

Please keep this precious child and his family in your prayers. Thank you to everyone who helps make Camp New Hope possible.  May God bless each and every one of you is my prayer.

For the children,


  1. Beth Horne says:

    Praying for each child and family who enter, along with all the volunteers. Prayers continue to be lifted for CNH. Sending our love.

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