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Greetings from Camp New Hope!  What a beautiful week, the sun is shining and we have a light breeze!  Welcome to the mountains!

Please meet our guest for this week Jonathan or J-Man age 12.  Jonathan is here this week with his sister Rose, parents and grandparents! Jonathan scoots all over the floor even though he can’t walk.  He is always smiling.  Jonathan loved his visit from Ranger Jeff and he loved his trip to Ernie’s riding the wagon and train and he loved being serenaded by Martin.  Tomorrow he is going to fish for trout!  We also celebrated Rose’s 9th birthday this week.  Jonathan has been diagnosed with CP, hydrocephilis and seizure disorder.

Please remember this family in your prayers.  Please continue to remember the camp in your prayers.  Thank you for your continued support.  You are always welcome to visit the camp.  God bless you all is our prayer.

For the children,

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