Meet Isabella

Greetings from Camp New Hope!  We would like you to meet Isabella who was our guest last week.  For those of you who don’t know, Isabella is the twin sister of Landon who passed away almost 3 weeks ago.  Isabella is a trooper,   she had a liver transplant a few years back and even though she has spent much of this year in the hospital she is doing just fine now.  The family was here to begin their healing process.  It was a sweet week and we hope they found the peace here they needed.

I also shared a couple of pictures with you of the storm we had last week.  We actually had less damage then we expected.  Thank God for that.  We do have a lot of damage in the creek next to the cabin I live in.  You can see how much rock was washed down the creek.  You will also notice the white water line that is exposed and bent.  I have been assured that the pipe will be fine as soon as we can get rock and dirt back over it to protect it from the impending winter.  The local firemen say we had over five inches of rain so the trails will need to be worked on.   We have the usual trash and trees on the bank left by the storm but I have decided I have all winter to take care of that.  It just is what it is.  If you ever find yourself wanting something to do just give me a call and I will provide the shovels and rakes if you will provide the man power.

We have another set of twins with us this week and I will send out their information later this week.

Thank you First Baptist Church for all the cakes you provide the families with. They love the home baked cakes.  God bless you for your thoughtfulness.  Believe you me,  it is appreciated more than you will ever know on this earth.  Thank you also Jim for all of your help.  You are a Godsend.

Visit when you can!  Remember all of us in your prayers from the families to the volunteers.

For the children,

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