Meet Isabella and Landon

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!

Meet Isabella the first of the twins who are here this week. Isabella has been through a lot during her young life.  She is a survivor of a liver transplant.  Even though she says only one or two words at a time she will let you know if she is happy or not.  She loved the helicopter but wasn’t crazy about the noise it made.  She loves the water and loves riding on the Kubota.isabella and landon 015

Isabella and Landon also got a special visit from one of the owners of the camp, Mark Adkins.  That was a treat for us all.isabella and landon 025

This is Brandon the other twin.  Landon has been through so much in his young life also.  He has a pacemaker and just had surgery to help him be more mobile and pain free.  Even though he does not talk or walk, you should have seen him jam while Martin was singing.  He was laughing and moving his arms and we all were laughing while praising God for miracles.  He was such a joy to watch!isabella and landon 032

Isabella and Landon also enjoyed the hayless hay ride at Ernies today.

What a treat it has been for them to be here with us.

isabella and landon 019

Please remember these children and their families in your prayers and come visit when you can.

Friday, July 4th from 1pm until 4pm we will be celebrating Independence Day with lots of games with the community here at the camp.  Come on out for this free event!  We will even have a baptismal in the river at 4pm if you have never been a part of this you should come out and be a part of this.

For the Children,


  1. Judy Mitchell says:

    Randy a great event yesterday. We look forward to being on your volunteer list again. We met great folks and served lots of delicious chicken and barbecue. So many had never been to the camp before. They commented on the beauty off the area.

    We had another commitment that afternoon thus left before four. Hope the rain missed your meadow. We ran into rain on our way into town. Oh how perfect most of the day’s weather was.

    The grounds continue to evolve looking more and more lovely and peaceful. Everyone’s dedication has been fruitful.

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