Meet Heidi

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!

Meet our guest this week Heidi age 2 and is an angel!  Heidi has been diagnosed with SMA (spinal muscular atrophy type 1), she has hypotouia, has life threatening respiratory problems and atrial septal defect.  She is fed with a feeding tube.  She is in a clinical trial for a drug that if helping her with her mobility.  She can hold her head up and wave her hands which is such an improvement.  She has a wonderful smile! She is here with her beautiful sister Cassie and her Mom and Dad.  She was also visited by her grandmother and other family members this week.

She loved the water most of all this week and also loved the train ride at Mr. Ernie’s.  When she would hear the toot of the horn she would just laugh out loud.  That just almost brought tears to my eyes.

Cassie had her cousin and a friend to play with and they even had a sleepover at the playhouse and watched “Jaws”  no sharks in the New River.

We also had a group with us from Hope Moravian Church and I will post pictures of that the first of the week.  What a great group of young folks.

God is so good and we are reminded of his blessings everyday!  Thank you again to Mark and Will Adkins who make this camp possible.  God bless you for all you let us do!

Visit when you can!

For the Children,

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