Meet Gracie and Patrick

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!  We have been blessed with rain nearly everyday.  It only last a few hours but boy does it rain!  We all need the rain so I will not complain.

Meet Gracie and Patrick who bring along with them 2 sisters, twin cousins only 9 months old, grandma and grandpa and Dad got to come up later in the week to spend some time with the family and Mom of course.    Gracie and Patrick are adopted and how blessed they are to be adopted by such a great family.  Mom is just amazing and talented and has the patience of Job!  They are all so loving to each other.  Patrick just turned 10, he has been diagnosed with spinocerbella Ataxia among others and the doctors said his expectant life would be 10 but he is going strong.  He still walks with braces but he is full of life. He loved playing on the arcade games, air hockey, painting and has a hard time being still but that is ok with us.    Gracie has CP and has had a hip replacement and many other surgeries.  She is in a wheelchair and her speech is limited but she has a smile that will melt you heart. She loved painting with Debbie and just clapped and laughed when Martin sang.  She loved Marty reading to her. They both loved the train at Ernies and Gracie would jump and laugh everytime Ernie tooted the whistle!  She is just and angel and Patrick is all boy!

What a lovely week with a lovely family.  I am so blessed to get to interact with these children and their families.

Thank you to all those who volunteer and help with the children and the grounds.  God loves you for your tender heart and so do I.  Thanks to Mark and Will Adkins who make all this possible.  My prayer is that God will continue to bless you so that you can go forward and do great and mighty things sharing your blessings as God has blessed you.  You both have HUGE hearts and God is using you in special ways to help others.  I am blessed to know you!

Come visit when you can and please remember us in your prayers.

For the children,

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