Meet Dominick and Julia

Greetings from Camp New Hope!  We have twins again this week.  Meet Dominick and Julia age 15!

Julia is quite the artist and she loves horses.  Dominick is a joy also he does not walk and talks very little but he is up for just about anything.  I am so proud of Dominick for sticking it out on the canoe ride.  It is always a challenge to make sure our guest with physical challenges are comfortable during the canoe ride down the river but we do our best and it must have worked because after an hour of canoeing he was not ready to get out and he went for the 2 hour duration.  The next day he and Julia went for a tube ride down the river and had it not been for the rain they would have made the 4 hour ride. They still did a three hour ride.  Tonight we had homemade vanilla and banana ice cream.  Tomorrow night is movie night at the Parkway Theater and pizza at Village Inn!

I know we all realize how blessed we are to have healthy children and grandchildren.  My heart ached for Dominick’s mother at Ernies, as she was watching all the other children there running and playing she said in a very soft voice, “Dominick should be running and playing like that.”

What can you say, as a mother that would be our prayer also. I commend the parents for wanting their children to experience everything other children are able to.  It may not be easy but they are an inspiration to me.  May God bless them with the energy they need to do what they need to make  Dominick and Julia continue to experience all they can and more. These are special parents, grandparents and children.  What a blessing and joy to have them here.

Visit when you can!  Thank you for your continued support of the family!

For the children,

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