Meet Dominick and Julia

Greetings from a very cold Camp New Hope!

Needless to say I am running a little behind in getting pictures out of the families who have been with us these last few weeks. Winter came to us so fast and we have been trying our best to get things done to prepare for it. We are in a hurry to get things in the ground before it freezes and believe it or not the ground is already frozen a little. Wood has to be stacked for the lodge and the buildings must be winterized for this cold weather. Also with some extra help we are trying to get the equipment ready to be stored for the winter. Anyway it will get done, it always does!

We were so happy to have Dominick and Julia here a few weeks ago. They are such a joy to have and Dominick loves the arcade games and Dad did also.. Julia loves painting with Debbie and Mom got into the action. The family did some sightseeing around Ashe County. Even the grandparents got into the action.

Please remember our friend Beth Horne in your prayers, her grandson was Mackinley who passed away on November 23 three years ago. Beth is battling pancreatic cancer and needs are prayers.

Pray for all the families and children who come to the camp as well as the volunteers that we ay have the wisdom and strength to know what to do to minister to these families. God bless you all.

For the children,

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