Meet Calab

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!  Things have really been hopping here with all the families!  Boy,  we have really had some super families so far!  No one wants to leave on check out day, especially the kids and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We would like for you to meet Caleb our guest last week.  Caleb is a sweetheart and he wanted to help me cook so, even though he is legally blind he did a great job!  It was really nice having someone around to help out.  The entire family loved painting with Ms. Debbie and well Dad loved fishing and driving the RTV.  All the young volunteers enjoyed looking at Caleb’s beautiful sister but Dad is built like a lumber jack so they had to stay their distance.  Mom is always smiling and laughing so how could you not love her.  Such an awesome family.

We have been blessed with such great volunteers and the ladies from First Baptist continue to bring a cake every week for the family to enjoy.  Concordia Lutheran Church dropped by and brought so many supplies for us to use.  What a blessing!  The world is filled with good people and so many of them continue to bless us weekly.

We hope you have a great 4th and please be careful.  I don’t want to close without thanking as always Will and Mark Adkins who are owners of the camp and all of those who support us either financially or with your prayers!  God bless you all and may God bless Camp New Hope, its owners and all the children who travel through our gates..  Thank you for sharing your love with us!

Visit when you can!

For the Children,

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