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Greetings from Camp New Hope!

Meet Caitlin our guest last week at the camp. Caitlin has been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, she does not talk and she needs help to walk.  Caitlin is a beautiful girl and is the apple of her parents eyes.  Caitlin loved the Ranger and loved Ernies and the horses and pizza!  She floated down the river with her parents and even though the water is still cool she loved that also.

Caitlin’s parents brought another surprise along with them.  They had a yard sale and car wash and made over $750.00 for Camp New Hope which they purchased new comforters, pillows and sheets for all the beds in the lodge.  They look great!  They also purchased other much needed items for the lodge.  Thank you so much for remembering us in such a thoughtful way!

Like everyone else we are still really wet.  I have just had to come to the realization that the grounds are going to be saturated this year.  It is frustrating to try to mow and the mowers bog down in the mud but we are trying to look at the funny side of it.  Mud up to our knees in spots.

If things dry out we hope to have an Open House in the late fall and we will keep you all posted.

We hope we have our problems solved with our server but just in case we don’t you can get all our emails if you go to our facebook page.  We are not having any problems with the emails there.

Please feel free to visit any time and thank you for your continued support of the ministry of Camp New Hope.  Thanks to the Adkins brothers for blessing us with such a beautiful place to share with these families.

For the children,

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