Meet Bryant

bryant 003

Greetings from Camp New Hope where the sun is shining and folks are smiling!

Please meet our guest this week Bryant age 14 who has been diagnosed with grandma seizures, Epilepsy, non verbal Autism.  Bryant is here this week with his family and nephew and grandmother.  Bryant and his family were serenaded by Martin Little tonight and they painted with Debbie today.  Everyone is having a great time!  We have some big things planned for them the remainder of the week.

Fall is in the air and we are loving it!  Please continue to remember all these families in your prayers.

Visit when you can!

For the children,


  1. sherri Jackson says:

    Hey Martin and Bryant!!

    Hope you guys have a great time!!

  2. Martin Little says:

    Hi Sherri, we had a Great time. I will keep going till they start throwing tomatoes and tell me to shut up. It is always such a blessing to me and I love meeting the new families. I just wish I had more time to spend with each one.

    God Bless,

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