Meet Brandon

Brandon Kellum 015

Greetings from Camp New Hope.  It is just beautiful here the leaves are yellow and orange and some reds. The temperatures are going to be in the 20′s by the weekend so we are doing our best to get ready for winter.

Meet Brandon our guest for this week.  Brandon has Battens disease a disease that there is no cure for and no treatment for.  Brandon is blind which is one of the side effects of Battens.  Brandon attends NC School for the Blind.  Brandon is finding it more difficult to talk which is also from Battens.  Brandon laughs at almost everything you say.  He also has a beautiful smile.  Brandon is here this week with his family.  Brandon’s grandmother takes such good care of him and has the patience of Job.  Please pray for this family and this young man.

Thank you for your continued support of the camp.  God bless you for your prayers and financial support.

Visit when you can!

For the children,

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