Meet Alex, Laura and Charlie

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!  The mountains are at their peak this week and we are covered with yellow’s, orange’s and reds!  Temps are in the 40′s at night and 60′s during the day!  Perfect weather!  My favorite time of the year!

Meet our guest this week from Florida, Alex, Laura and Charlie!  What a great group of young folks!  Alex, Laura and Charlie all have one thing in common, they have Spina Bifida.  Alex is the one with the blonde hair and he loves taking pictures,  Laura is the beautiful young lady with the blue streaks in her hair and just another note, she has a smile that will light the night and her laughter is amazing!  Charlie has beautiful strawberry blonde hair and he is very outgoing!  What a great week we have had.  They are such a joy to be around.  They really take their art with Debbie serious and have made some beautiful tiles this week.  The parents and grandparents as well as extended family members have just been a pleasure to be around.

Don’t forget our ground breaking on Saturday at noon!  If you have never been to the camp I cant think of a better time to come.  We are so excited to show you all the plans for the new lodge for the Children of Camp New Hope.  Looks like God is going to deliver a beautiful day for a beautiful miracle that is about to take place.  If you are not able to make it, please keep us in your prayers.  Thank you for your continued support to the ministry of Camp New Hope.  Thank you to Mark and Will Adkins who make this possible for these children and their families.

God bless each and everyone of you and God bless Camp New Hope!

For the Children,

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