Meet Albree

Greetings from a cool Camp New Hope where we woke up with a 41 degree temp.

Meet Albree our guest for this week.

Albree is so sweet and she is also beautiful.  It doesn’t take much to amuse her.  I think her favorite thing is standing in front of the dryer as she watches the clothes go round and round.  She also putting her face against the door and feel the vibration as well as the warmth.  Albree is three and has Cornelia de Lange Syndrome which is very rare and in Albree’s case it affects her limbs.  Cleft pallet bone fusion in nose, G-tube fed.  Even though she is 3 she is just beginning to walk with the care of a walker.  Albree had eye surgery this summer and where her eyes were almost closed last year they are actually opened which is allowing her to see better.  Albree is here this week with mom, dad and her sister Jaylin age 6.

This has been a week of mixed emotions with the passing of Landon.  Please pray for all of the children and their families.  Also pray for all the volunteers here at the camp.  It is especially difficult for us.  We get so attached to these children.

Visit us when you can!  Thank you for you continued prayers and financial support.

For the children,

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