Introducing Zayden and Nathan

Greetings from Camp New Hope!   I would like to introduce to you our last two campers and their families.  First is Zayden!  Even though Zayden could not walk or talk and is fed with a feeding tube his very presence made a statement!  Boy what a smile!  I have never seen a child that was so happy!  He especially loves music, riding the trails and the water.  Just s great family with so much love!

Now meet our 2nd camper Nathan!  Nathan NEVER stops!   I can best describe him as GO! Go! Go!  He wants to experience everything, from riding the trails to playing in the water, art, riding the bike, playing pool, playing dodge ball, playing air hockey, watching movies, eating and he even had me squirting him off with the garden hose outside. Boy did that bring back childhood memories!  When Nathan is feeling good he is full blast but after so much activity he has problems with pain in his legs and because of other health issues he must be infused which means he must be still for a while but is always asking his mom when can he be up and playing again!  What a special family this is also!

Please continue to pray for leadership and guidance from God as we continue this special ministry.  Pray for God’s blessings on theses precious children and their families, the volunteers, our financial supporters and for the owners of the camp Will and Mark Adkins who are always so supportive. Please say a special pray for  those whose hearts are hurting as they deal with seeing those they love struggling.

God bless you all is my prayer!

For the Children,

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