Introducing Olivia

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!

We would like to introduce you to Olivia our guest last week. Olivia has a very rare syndrome called Cri-Du-Chat. Part of her 5th chromosome is missing.  She has agenesis of the corpus collosum as part of the syndrome.  The syndrome is related to low muscle tone, so she is unable to sit up and she is mastering the art of holding up her head.  She is very strong and can move her head, arms and legs.  Her mental ability is developing slowly but she lets you know when she likes or dislikes something.  If you are not paying attention to her but talking to someone else, she will let you know her disapproval by making a load noise.  She has had multiple surgeries in her short life including, bilateral cleft lip and palate repair, ROP in both eyes which she had surgery which caused a cataract in her left eye and needed another surgery for that.  She is G-tube fed and doesnt talk or walk.  She is a loving child and loves people.  She is full of laughter and smiles and is a joy to be around.  She LOVES men and always is reaching her arms out for hugs from them.   Her sister Brianna is with her along with mom Stephanie and Grandma Nancy.  They are such a sweet family.

The flowers are blooming here at the camp and the weeds are growing faster than I can weed them.  The grass is beautiful so we are mowing every 7 days which is a lot of mowing.  Thank you to those who are helping with the mowing.  God loves you and I do too!

Thank you to Will and Mark Adkins who make this camp possible for so many families!  My prayer is that God will continue to  bless you in the same way you bless us.  Thank you to all of our supporters and to those pray for us.  Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and strength to do what God would want us to do.  More than anything we want to be a blessing to these precious children and families.

Visit when you can!

For the children,

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