Introducing Aubrey

Greetings from a beautiful Camp New Hope!  The sun is finally out after a week of rain and clouds.  We have some clean up work to do but all and all we are good.  Some trees are down and we have had to close some trails but we are not complaining.

I would like to introduce to you our guest Aubrey!  She is amazing!  If you will view the video of Martin singing you will see that while she may not be able to talk or walk and even ambulate much at all she is still able to dance when her mom holds her leg in a sling.  She was truly an inspiration to all of us here.  She painted and would communicate with her mom in a special way would let her mom know what color she wanted.  She is an angel.

Now let me share with you another angel.  This week when we went to Ernie’s we were not going to be able to let Aubrey ride on the train because unlike most of our children who are in wheelchairs she is not able to be removed due to her oxygen.  My heart almost broke when i realized she was not going to be able to ride.  So Ernie and his buddies to the rescue.  Ernie said to me, ” take her on the wagon and when you get back we will have the train where she can ride.”  I trust Ernie to his word so i promised Aubrey she would get to ride the train.  While we were gone Ernie and his buddies were busy removing a seat and welding the train and sure enough when we returned Aubrey was able to ride the train.  Ernie and his buddies were my “Jesus with skin”  there are angels among us each and everyday.  Aubrey’s mother made the statement that what some saw as a boundary Ernie had seen as an opportunity to make a difference in a little girls life.  That is what life is really all about.  Helping each other and making a difference. This week i am so proud to be a small part of this unique ministry that was a dream of Will and Mark Adkins.  They have allowed us through them to touch so many children who may not have been able to experience the things they do here at Camp New Hope.  They too are angels!

Such a lovely family and what an honor to have met them and build new friendships!

Pray for us each and everyday as we will pray for all of you.

God bless you all and God bless the children of Camp New Hope is my prayer!

For the children,

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