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My heart is breaking because we just lost another child.  Please read his father’s email.  Please pray for this family and please pray for me.  The tears just won’t stop.  You can go to www.campnewhopenc.com and look at past campers and read about his week with us.  Pray for this special ministry.  I am just so sorry that I can not fulfill my promise of letting him return next year.



I am sorry to share with you that Gabriel passed away Sunday December 11.  On behalf of Gabriel and our entire family I want to thank you and all of the volunteers for the week we shared at your beautiful camp in June.  Hardly a week has gone by that we haven’t spoken about our time with you.  Words can never express how precious those memories are to us as a family.  What you all are doing makes such a huge impact on families.  Please share our deepest and sincerest appreciation with Mark, Will and all of the volunteers that make Camp New Hope possible.

I attached one of my favorite pictures of Gabriel from our trip.


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