Happy Spring!

Greetings from Camp New Hope!  Happy Spring!

We are all so excited about our 2018 season which just happens to also our 13th season.  Our hearts are full when we think back of the hundreds of children that have touched our lives.  God is so good!  We have laughed and cried and loved every minute we have had the privilege of serving these special children and their families❤️

Each and every volunteer is so important to this unique ministry.  They all contribute so much and never complain.  Will and Mark Adkins, owners of the camp are always so supportive and this Camp would not be possible without them.

May we love one another as if it were our last day on earth.  Each time I look into the eyes of these children and see the smiles on their faces it is as if I am looking at the very face of our Heavenly Father.  Pray that I will NEVER take for granted the task that lies before me less I forget that Camp New Hope isn’t about me, NEVER has been and  NEVER will be.  Let me never lose sight of what is really important in life.  I am so blessed!!!!

Please feel free to visit us when you came.  God bless you all and God bless Camp New Hope❤️❤️❤️

For the children,

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