Guest of the Week, Caleb

Greetings from Camp New Hope!

Please meet our guest for the week, Caleb!  Caleb has been diagnosed with CP, global brain damage, seizure disorder, microcephely and GERD.  Caleb has a contagious smile!  He can not talk, walk and is totally dependent upon others for everything.  Caleb loves to sing!  He had Martin to come 2 nights to sing for him.  What a joy he is to have around.  He is here with his Mom and Dad, nurse, brother,sister in law and 2 cousins.

We are so excited about the new lodge and we are planning a ground breaking on Saturday, October 17th at noon.  We are going to gather hands and pray around the area the lodge will be built and pray for the children.  This will be holy ground!  We hope to have a huge showing of area pastors to join in united in prayer for these families and children.  Please plan to attend if you can.  If you play a musical instrument, come on and join in with our music jam immediately following the ground breaking.  We hope some of our Camp New Hope children can come and join in.  This should be peak weekend for the color of the leaves also.  Just plan to come and make a day trip of it!

Please keep us in your prayers and don’t forget to pray and ask God what He would have you to do to help.  No gift is too small.  For those who are donating $1,000 your name will be engraved on a paver in the patio of our new fire pit!  People have already showed their support and have been so kind.  We can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

God bless you all for what you do and God bless Camp New Hope and our precious children.

For the Children,

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