Goodbye to a great friend!



My heart is hurting today because I had to say goodbye to a great friend!  Moe wasn’t just a pet or a dog but he was a one of a kind friend.  Moe showed up at Camp New Hope Easter of 2007 and he immediately became MY dog!  He would follow me around and cry, whimper and whine when I left the room.  I always said if i could ever find someone to love me as much as Moe did I would be one blessed woman.  Moe loved the children that came to the camp and would just let them pet and love on him as much as they wished.  Moe was one of a kind.  Where ever he laid his hat was his home.  He would go visit his best friend Ray who lives on Boggs Road and they would take long walks together and sometimes he would even spend the night.  He was fondly known as the Mayor of Boggs Road.  Move didnt have a mean bone in his body and when you would pet or rub him he would always nudge his head under your hand to indicate he wanted to be loved on some more.  He was a faithful friend and partner.

This morning as I was going into town I saw Moe in the curve of our driveway and I immediately knew something wasn’t right.  Moe was getting up in age but he still had a lot of life in him.  I stopped to call his name and when he didnt open his eyes or respond I had a sick feeling come over me that this was not going to be good.  I checked him out and there were no wounds on him just a small amount of blood coming from his mouth.  I picked him up and put him in the car and I knew he was gone.  We just buried Moe in the chestnut grove where he loved to lay in the shade of the trees in the afternoon.  If there is a place in Heaven for Gods creatures and I believe there is then Moe is walking the streets of gold and stopping to say hello to everyone he sees.  I bet my Daddy was there to welcome him.

If I can find comfort in any of this it is that Moe was a free spirit and he was free to explore this world.  He ate well, always had a warm place to lay his head and most of all he KNEW HE WAS LOVED!  He will be missed.  To those of you who think I am a little crazy,  all i can say is I am sorry you didnt get to know Moe.  If you had ever met him your heart would be broken too!

Goodbye my friend and may your spirit continue to always be at Camp New Hope!   You were one of a kind !  Loved by many but most of all loved by ME!



  1. Faith Davis says:

    I am so sorry about Moe. He was such a wonderful loving dog and so good with the children. I know your heart is breaking. He will be in Heaven with the other children looking after them like he did on earth. Sending hugs to you. Faith

  2. Terri says:

    Randy, That breaks my heart to hear this about Moe. Ican’t stop my tears. I have no doubt and believe he is in heaven. I have one of those “one of a kind” doggies too. I hope you feel his spirit at Camp New Hope. God Bless you for everything you do. I am so sorry.Terri

  3. Sam Simmons says:

    He was what a dog should be, full of fun, happiness, and kindness to the children at CNH. Santa and Mrs. Claus will miss him.

  4. Walt Davis says:

    Randy, I am sorry for your loss of such a great friend and pet. I know how you feel cause I have gone through this several times. I will be praying for you. God will fill the void for you with something soon.

  5. Myra Trull says:

    Randy ! My heart aches for you for the loss of your precious friend . Keeping you in my prayers . Love you

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