A miracle in the making!

It may not look like much to any of you guys but to me it is a miracle in the making! A prayer answered if you may! It is our custom made handicapped golf cart! This is all happening in Swansboro which was under water 2 months ago and without power two weeks! What a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise! Great guys building this wonder with the promise there will not be another like it! I am so excited!

I was just thinking today how to relay to all of you how blessed we feel here at Camp New Hope! If I start naming folks I will leave someone out so I will just say, “thank you” from the bottom of my heart to anyone and everyone who volunteers, prays for us, supports us monetarily, to all the families and especially our precious children who allow us to serve you! Thank you for your smiles, hugs, kisses and memories! We are visited by angels weekly❤️ Thank you to Will and Mark Adkins who without there generosity this camp would not be possible!

Much love coming your way!

For the children,

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