Greetings from a cool Camp New Hope! Frost on the pumpkin this morning!  Our leaves are trying to turn but they are slow getting there.  We would like for you to meet Evan!  Such a sweet young man!  Evan may not be able to move around but he loves watching


Meet Sadie who was at the camp with 15 family members!  What a sweetheart!  We were able to celebrate Sadie’s birthday while she was here.  Such a DIVA!!!!  Sadie isn’t able to talk or walk but she sure will let you know when she likes or dislikes something!  She loved


Meet Caitlin our guest here at the camp.  View the two pictures  and see how a smile tells it all.  Caitlin isn’t able to do a lot of things at the camp but the one thing she can do is ride the RTV's.  Her mom and dad are constantly taking

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